Briandy Molina, who won the Baseball5 World Cup, said, “This is the most meaningful event of my life”

Baseball5 World Cup briandy

Briandy Molina, perhaps the best Baseball5 player in the world, led Cuba to its first-ever victory in the WBSC Baseball5 World Cup, which the Cuban team went on to win without suffering a single loss.
Prior to the start of the first-ever WBSC Baseball5 World Cup 2022 on Monday at El Zocalo in Mexico City,

Cuba was seen as the leading contender to take home the championship, while Briandy was regarded as the best player on the planet. It is reasonable to state that Cuba and Briandy were successful in living up to the expectations that had been placed on them.

The 27-year-old had outstanding power in the batter’s box, great agility on defense from center field, and impressive speed and guile on the bases as he guided his club to an incredible undefeated run to the title. He was recognized as one of two WBSC Baseball5 World Cup MVPs, alongside Japan’s Ayako Rokkaku, for his exceptional leadership and motivational presence and groundbreaking skill set, with Orlando Armador serving as his trusted lieutenant. The other WBSC Baseball5 World Cup MVP was Japan’s Ayako Rokkaku.

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Because we were the first to use this method and because we teach it all over the world, we consider this to be of great significance “added Briandy, alluding to the fact that he and his teammates on the Cuban squad had won the championship and the Most Valuable Player award. “There is no greater accomplishment than triumphing at the Baseball5 World Cup.

Briandy was overcome with emotion when he thought about his personal journey to the top of the podium in a tournament that is now expected to take the globalization of the sport to a new level

Having been the “pin up boy” of Baseball5 around the world, Briandy was emotional thinking about his journey. “Being a part of this competition was without a doubt the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. In a stunning setting, the attendees have been nothing short of amazing during the entire week. I’m overjoyed to have triumphed in this competition.

“This is, without a doubt, the most significant event of my entire life. I’ve been praying for it, toiling at at it, and pushing myself to my limits as a player and coach in order to help my squad, and now, praise be to God, we are witnessing this victory.

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